“Black Magic Lashes” Lash Review


This is the second time I have ordered from Black Magic Lashes and figured since I love the brand so much I’d share a review with you. I stumbled across this brand through Instagram and instantly fell in love with their designs. Their presentation is gorgeous as well, each lash case is in a little black box with a quote stamped on the front, as well as a fortune tucked inside, all enclosed in wax sealed bags.  A personalized postcard is included with each order as well.


As someone who is a fan of the “darker things” I really dig their alternative branding and creative names. This order I got three pairs, two lashes known as “Electra” and the pair “Mythic

Mythic is described on their site as “A lash for the night you’ll tell stories about later – Mythic gives you volume and length, the perfect formula for those legendary nights.  Mythic is part of the Enigma Collection – our faux mink, vegan-friendly line of luxurious lashes.” I am currently wearing this pair as I type this review up, they are beautiful and not over powering but still give you the edge you’re looking for. As someone who likes over the top dramatic lashes, these are definitely a nice alternative to tone it down just a tad with my day to day look.

bmlashes           bmlashes2

Electra is described as “A style as brazen as its name, this voluptuous and bold style has a touch more volume, but is a tad shorter than its fraternal twin ‘Slayer’. Despite its wild appearance, this lash is lightweight with a soft band, and sits beautifully on the lid. Electra is part of the Epic Collection – our luxe faux mink, vegan-friendly line of luxurious lashes.” I initially bought this pair because of my love of the Marvel Comics character Elektra so I couldn’t pass these lashes up. BML notes them as the twin of their “Slayer” pair which is a favorite of mine and have bought 4 pairs of these falsies alone, therefore making me fall in love with Electra instantly. Gorgeous and full of drama this style doesn’t disappoint!

15542420_237573856677289_8051763285823017031_n 15439766_237404036694271_6882713651762820859_n

On the left I am wearing: “Electra”                       On the right I am wearing: “Slayer”

BML has great prices for high quality lashes, I urge you to try them out. They are my favorite brand of falsies these days and will certainly be ordering again soon. Place an order and let me know what you think 🙂



Purchase from Black Magic Lashes here: Black Magic Lashes Official Site

Follow Black Magic Lashes on Instagram here: Black Magic Instagram



Yankee Candle “Cookie Swap Collection” Review


Yankee Candle I’m giving you another try….

I will be upfront and honest about saying that I have been hesitant to start buying from Yankee Candle again. I have been a fan of their product for a long time but over the past year or so I found a decline in their quality with the throw of fragrance. I also noticed it was also common complaint on YouTube candle review videos as well. For a price tag of almost $30 for a large candle, I felt for a high price I was being ripped off with a candle that under performed.

However, I noticed that the 2016 Holiday line up had some enticing scents as part of their “Cookie Swap Collection” and didn’t want to pass up the chance to try some of them. I placed an order for two 22oz. Large Jar candles with a burn time of 110 to 150 hours in the scents “Crunchy Pistachio Vanilla” and “Candy Cane Meringue.”


For starters, Candy Cane Meringue’s mentioned notes on Yankee Candle’s website are listed as “Featherweight meringue flavored with vanilla, peppermint and a dash of citrus.” I definitely picked up the meringue notes and the vanilla almost sugar cookie smell but didn’t get much of a peppermint/candy cane note. To me the candle actually smells sort of like the cereal Fruity Pebbles as odd as that sounds, but I find it pleasant and really enjoyed the scent. Not too weak and not over powering, I thought it had a decent throw as well. If I were asked if I would repurchase this, I certainly would.

ccm ccmcandle

Onto the next!

Crunchy Pistachio Vanilla’s mentioned notes are listed as “A sweet, nutty treat of pistachio, almond and lots of rich vanilla.” This candle smelled as it is noted, I picked up on the nutty part of the pistachio with a nice soft hint of the vanilla making this candle almost like an almond cookie. Not too sweet and not too bitter, this candle was just right for the described scent. Though I do love the scent (and anything pistachio if I’m being honest) my one complaint is that the scent should have been stronger. This is a more delicate scent that doesn’t have a sharp note which I found more with “Candy Cane Meringue.”

cpcandle cpcandle2

Over all my experience with these two candles has sparked my interest in Yankee again, hopefully my future purchases will be positive as these were and not another let down of no throw candles!

P.S. I really REALLY wish Yankee Candle would bring back my favorite Christmas candle “Snowflake Cookie” I loved this scent SO much!




You can purchase these candles here: Yankee Candle “Cookie Swap Collection”

Static Nails: Reusable Pop-on Nail Review



As someone who doesn’t have much time to be hitting up the nail salon, I was looking for an easier option to have badass nails without sacrificing time in my ever busy schedule. As an avid Instagram poster and scroller, I stumbled across a company on here called “Static Nails” and instantly fell in love with their classy and edgy designs.


Static promises to be reusable, paintable, shapeable and flawless lasting up to 18 days and they certainly don’t disappoint. Static’s nails are beautiful and easy to apply, each set coming with 24 pop-on nails, nail glue and a double-sided file/buffer. Sets run anywhere from $16.00-$38.00USD.


I have now owned 6 different sets from Static Nails and have loved them all, I can attest to the fact that I wore them two weeks straight and they still looked on fleek! I’ve even mixed and matched nails from different sets to create my own look. Any time I wear Static I am constantly getting compliments on how beautiful my nails are. They are a company that doesn’t disappoint and I look forward to their designs for 2017!

See below for places to buy yourself a set from Static!



Shop Static Nails here:

Static Nails Official

Static Nails: Sephora

Static Nails: HSN


Ramble On


Here’s some nonsense about me…

During much of my young life I was always considered “different” and the “outcast.” I was quiet, shy and never fit in to the norm of everyone else. Now closer to turning 30, I am still reserved and quiet at times… as I always say “listen more and talk less,” but have found myself a voice and a better appreciation to embrace the things I love without hesitation and fear of the opinions of others. I’ve found life got easier with a take no shit attitude, confidence and self-appreciation. Part of not fitting the mold is what makes me unique and I don’t ever want to “fit in.” Stand up for what you believe in.

“Why do you wear black? “Why do you do your makeup like that?” “Why do you like skulls?” Because I do. Often people feel uncomfortable and have to question what they don’t understand which is fine, I can answer the same reply all night. I’m different and that makes me happy. “Why do you like video games?” “Why do you like action movies?” “Don’t you know that stuff is for boys?” How silly all that was, but it was hurtful as a kid. There’s no reason why I couldn’t like stuff boys did. Honestly, I think it’s pretty great to be able to throw my high heels up and waste a Saturday playing Playstation for 8 hours straight followed by a Dirty Harry marathon. (Also let it be known that I am one of those induviduals who will argue that Die Hard is in fact a Christmas movie.) Point being, I now see that the world tried to make me feel small and insignificant for petty things like this but I’ve learned to grow and see that being different is actually pretty damn great.

This blog is going to be a wonderful cocktail of all the things I love, and hopefully my followers will love too. From movie reviews to makeup, my nostalgic love of the 80s and my odd sense of style. Welcome to a wonderful enigma, just like a Unicorn I’m majestic af.

Stay weird my friends, Be Wild & Free…

And just like an amazing band known as INXS said  “Don’t Change”